FutureShapers, LLC brings you the West Coast debut of an exciting three day workshop

Becoming a Whole-Brain Leader

Ending Self-Limiting and Self-Defeating Behavior

May 13 – 15, 2015

University Club

Palo Alto, California


Business success depends on the decisions and actions of the individuals within the organization. Decisions based in fear, protection and survival create limited, short-term, and often, negative results. To achieve long-term sustained success, decisions and actions must be based on conscious leadership – using the proven track record of the wisdom and principles found in nature – resiliency, adaptation, collaboration, and growth management.

In this highly experiential three-day workshop, participants will learn an accelerated method for changing the underlying subconscious influences on their decisions and actions and aligning them with new supportive beliefs thus producing positive long lasting results.

“Our actions are actually reenacted habits, and we invariably end up reinforcing pre-established mental models.”

– from Presence, by Peter Senge, Otto Scharmer, Joseph Jaworski, Betty Sue Flowers

Harvard Professor Robert Kegan has shown how commitments to subconscious beliefs can override one’s stated intentions to the degree of sacrificing one’s health. This conflict between long-held subconscious commitments and conscious intention lies at the heart of most organizational dysfunction and under-performance. Neuroscience has confirmed that a “whole brain” state can align the subconscious with the conscious, left and right brains, and liberate people from past programming that limit and interfere with highly-effective functioning.

This proven and time-tested methodology is known as PER-K® which, according to famed developmental biologist Bruce Lipton, “represents one of the most important, effective, rapid and empowering belief change processes available on this planet today.”  

Focus of the Workshop

• Learn the Change Processes for Immediate Use

• Experience Belief/Bias/Assumption Change

• Apply the Change Processes to Business Success

• Integrate the New Beliefs for Sustainable Success


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Eventbrite - Becoming a Whole-Brain Leader: Ending Self-Limiting and Self-Defeating Behavior




We need to transform the way business & financial decisions are made. That requires expanding into broader perspectives and eliminating resistance to change. PER-K® is a way to accelerate this transformation. I have personally experienced PER-K® and I know it works. The immediate impact for me is I have more energy and commitment to what I want to do.” – Hazel Henderson, Founder and President, Ethical Markets Media, Florida

“PER-K® represents one of the most important, effective, rapid and empowering belief change processes available on this planet today.”  – Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., biologist, California

“There are so many trainings, tools and tips for companies. Often they choose a quick win, which later appears to be a waste of time. That being my experience, I seldom happen to hear about a method of which I think: ‘this could be different; this method seems to be more sustainable and applicable in our corporate world.’

The great breakthrough came when I started applying PER-K® with the managers in my coaching practice. Those were strong personalities, operations ‘whiz kids’ and members of management who had already done and seen so much. At least that is what they said. However, they kept bumping into limiting beliefs, which made their life and work very difficult.

Like the sales manager who just recovered from burn-out. He was very much aware of his own limiting motivation ‘perfectionism’, but he did not know how to deal with it. By balancing this belief into a quality and talent instead of a pitfall, his attitude has strongly changed. Now he constantly is helping his colleagues to see and let go of their own perfectionism.

It is exciting that the business world now has access to this new neurological technology with which we can finally let go of our old patterns. This way we will make room for renovation within ourselves, so that we can also pragmatically apply and shape our teams, customers, and all stakeholders that can benefit from it.”  – Luc Limère, Senior Leadership and Organizational Coach, at Limère & Partners, Belgium

PER-K® helped me personally to expand my focus and transform any fears about stepping into leadership of my family business. We now use throughout the company for all to expand, be happier, and make the company better and more successful.” – Pedro Ulibarri, President, Grupo Belén, Costa Rica

The methods of PER-K® provide people with a very effective tool to recreate their lives and unleash the power within to shape their lives as they wish.” – Louis Bohtlingk, Founder of Care First Innovation Network, Scotland

“Business is stuck in old models that are not sustainable.   There are so many good people in business who want to bring much needed change but breaking away from the old models of thought and operations is difficult because of old patterns of thinking.  I find PER-K® to be a straightforward process that quickly changes subconscious patterns of thought.  I have experienced results including feeling better, unleashing my creativity, and increasing my courage all of which helps me maintain an enthusiastic, positive attitude toward our future.  I believe PER-K® is an accelerator that can enable business people to manifest new possibilities in their lives and in their work at a time when change is imperative.” – Leslie Danziger, Co-Founder, Former Chairman and CEO, LightPath Technologies and Co-Founder, Former Chairman, Solaria Corporation, Texas

After experiencing the PER-K® process, I am more able to be fully myself in all situations. Before the process I tended to hold parts of myself back. The powerful effects continue to unfold over time.” – Julie Daley, Consciousness Coach, San Francisco

Eventbrite - Becoming a Whole-Brain Leader: Ending Self-Limiting and Self-Defeating Behavior
Workshop Leader

Workshop leader:

robin-grahamRobin Graham is a certified instructor and practitioner in behavioral performance. In 1997 she became one of the first instructors in the world to be certified for the PER-K® accelerated change process and now holds the title of International Director of PER-K®, providing workshops and certifications for organizational leaders around the world. She has trained and presented internationally to audiences ranging from small groups to large conferences.

Robin is also a Certified Facilitator of Brian Tracy International’s Training Processes and Systems, TTI Performance Systems as a TriMetrix Analyst, Professional Behavioral Analyst, Attribute Index Analyst, and Professional Values Analyst. She is a recipient of the TTI President’s Award for Outstanding Contributions to HR Development.

Eventbrite - Becoming a Whole-Brain Leader: Ending Self-Limiting and Self-Defeating Behavior
About the PER-K process

More about PER-K® process:




Excerpt from “Neuroscience Reveals the Whole-Brain State and Its Applications for International Business and Sustainable Success,” by Robert Williams and Jeffrey Fannin, The International Journal of Management and Business, August 2012:

Once the possibility and practicality of changing our subconscious beliefs is established, it becomes clear that we are no longer trapped by the automatic mindsets of our past experiences, which often drive self-limiting and self-defeating behavior. Instead, we are free to change our perceptions and beliefs in order to create new mindsets and behavior that will generate new results in our business and personal lives. Freed from the limitations of past “programming,” we are able to move to a higher order of consideration of what is worth changing, in order to create sustainable success, both personally and professionally.


Brain Scan Proof of PER-K® Impact,” by Robin Graham 

Eventbrite - Becoming a Whole-Brain Leader: Ending Self-Limiting and Self-Defeating Behavior

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Tom Eddington, 855-264-3303, tom@futureshapers.com

Robin Graham, 901-757-4434, RobinG@per-k.com

Eventbrite - Becoming a Whole-Brain Leader: Ending Self-Limiting and Self-Defeating Behavior