Member Benefits

The benefits of being a Roundtable member include:

  • Professional development – in a safe environment, with professional peers, and expert teachers, coaches and guides.
  • Professional reflection time – self-reflection has become “critical” to good leadership.
  • Structured process – if it’s a commitment and planned into my schedule it’s more likely to happen to help you gain clarity.
  • Trusted community of peers – leaders in organizations don’t usually have opportunities to get honest feedback or share leadership concerns with others who have similar roles.
  • Certified facilitation and coaching – FutureShapers provides experienced facilitators, consultants and executive coaches to mentor and guide members’ learning journeys.
  • Resources – access to proprietary articles, videos and papers on consciousness, leadership and conscious leadership for members’ personal benefit; online member discussion.
  • Greater work/life satisfaction – as a result of all the above.

futureshapers members

The Nine Promises

When a person commits to becoming a member of a FutureShapers Roundtable he or she is asked to make a serious commitment to the group, a covenant as we like to call it. In exchange, FutureShapers also makes a serious commitment to our members – what we call “The Nine Promises.” Here they are:

  1. EFFECTIVENESS: You will engage your organization more powerfully and effectively, better able to deal with the ongoing pressures of doing more with less, helping your organization actualize previously-unrealized potential; you will become more effective as a leader.
  2. CLARITY: You will gain clarity about your personal and professional purpose, your unique calling; you will have more satisfaction in your life as a result of the clarity you will achieve.
  3. MENTORING: You will receive executive mentoring each month with a Roundtable-certified executive coach to deeply engage any issues that may arise between meetings.
  4. RESOURCES: You will have access to proprietary articles, videos and papers on consciousness, leadership and conscious leadership for your personal benefit; online member discussion group maintains community continuity between monthly meetings.
  5. COMMUNITY: Your Roundtable will become a trusted community of peers on whom you come to depend for personal support, wise advice and counsel.
  6. MEANING: You will find greater meaning in your work and in your life, the result of a more fulfilling experience of each; you will enjoy a life of personal responsibility and accountability.
  7. INTEGRATION: You will better integrate your highly-personal sense of self (who you are at a core level) with what you are doing and how you are showing up in your work; more of “you” becomes available as this integration deepens.
  8. PASSION: Wholeheartedness replaces exhaustion, enthusiasm replaces stress, and you become more effective in making a true difference.
  9. ALIVENESS: You will experience more joy and aliveness while working and feeling more whole, allowing you to better serve your mission and your organization.

If you have executive responsibility and would like to be more fulfilled with work and are ready to embark on a practice of self-transcendence we invite you to consider joining a FutureShapers Roundtable.

Host Benefits

If you are an experienced facilitator, consultant or executive coach and would like to host a FutureShapers Roundtable in your area, consider becoming a certified Roundtable Host. The benefits of being a Host.