The power of our thoughts and their impact on everyday life spoken eloquently by Sir Lawrence Olivier, from the British musical “Time”.

John being interviewed on Conscious business

Meet the Visionaries – Barbara Marx Hubbard

What do you practice? Whatever you practice, you’ll get good at.” This is how this young boy starts this two minute video that reminds us about this primary lesson in consciousness.


Learn about the 4 Pillars of Integrity: Feelings, Communication, Agreements and Responsibility.

A ten minute video explaining what a paradigm of thought is, how they are formed, how they change and what FutureShapers sees as the emerging paradigm.

“Bridging the Span – Business and Consciousness,” a presentation by FutureShapers co-founders at JFK University graduates and students of the Consciousness Studies Program

“Conscious Leadership”, a keynote speech by John Renesch at the
Conscious Capitalism conference near Boston, May 2011


An award-winning film: “The Eagle and the Condor” from The Pachamama Alliance

Animated cartoon about how humans develop “sense of self”

Narrated by Willis Harman, visual animations by GlobalMindShift, this video explains why we need a new paradigm.

The Story of Stuff – an animation:


Transformation often requires a “leap of faith.” One of the best depictions of such a leap is this scene from “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”.

Raj Sisodia on “Building Fully Human Organizations.”

“Brené Brown, On the True Source of Innovation and Creativity”
View video on TED website

“Jill Bolte Taylor’s Stroke of Insight.” An astonishing story about human consciousness:
View video on TED website


Roy Spence talks about “The Power of Purpose” at the San Francisco Conscious Capitalism event in 2013

Our Collective Dream: Lynn Twist at TEDxMarin

Preethaji Krishna of One World Academy