FutureShapers Roundtables

Founded in 2012 by John Renesch and Tom Eddington FutureShapers is an executive development opportunity using the structure and discipline of monthly gatherings where leaders learn and grow in ways that enable them to more effectively create better futures for themselves, their organizations and beyond.

FutureShapers Roundtables are executive development peer groups designed to create a space where the wisdom of human consciousness can emerge and be sustained in the practice of everyday work and life. In this space, when people with aligned intentionality and openness to creative forces meet in community and engage in deep conversations, the power of the human spirit is harnessed and the seemingly “impossible” can be and is often achieved.

The Roundtables create an environment meant to ensure confidentiality, mutual support, respect, full participation, openness and self-exploration among its Members. Members of each Roundtable have shared experiences, similar professional standings and challenges, and endeavor to reach their full potential. The FutureShapers Roundtable supports members in integrating their pragmatic work experience with their uniqueness as individuals. Learning and growth will happen in ways that enable participants to more effectively create better futures for themselves, their organizations and a greater good.

FutureShapers Roundtables executive peer groups are facilitated by FutureShapers Certified Hosts. Each group consists of 10-12 members with similar roles and responsibilities. The structure of a Roundtable is a foundational all-day retreat followed by 12 monthly half-day sessions. This is the time commitment for membership. For additional members commitments see Member Commitments.

As a result, FutureShapers Roundtable Members will engage their organizations more powerfully and effectively, helping them actualize previously-unrealized potential and making a positive impact in shaping the world.


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