FutureShapers co-founder John Renesch talks about conscious leadership and shares his vision for the future.
(4 minutes, 24 seconds)

Through its various offerings, FutureShapers stands for conscious leadership so that leaders in organizations of all kinds lead and develop our global society toward a human presence on Earth that is environmentally sustainable, spiritually fulfilling and socially just. These leaders will have transformed themselves and their organizations so they are no longer driving society on an unsustainable path but rather are leading the way in restoring and transforming the world so a bright collective future – a world that works for all – can emerge.


FutureShapers’ Offerings

Meet the Visionaries

“Meet the Visionaries” series of interviews

FutureShapers co-founder John Renesch interviews visionary leaders between September 2015 and April 2016. Edited videos of approximately 90 minutes each, guests included Lynne Twist (interview shown above), the late Barbara Marx Hubbard, Sam Chan, Marc Lesser, Diana Chapman, Scott Coady, Susan Mayginnes, John Perkins and Bill Shireman.

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FutureShapers Blog

With regular posts by one or both of the founders of FutureShapers and open to all members of the FutureShapers community for comment, the Blog focuses on the subject of conscious leadership and mindfulness at work.

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