In collaboration with Coin Harlan Consulting, FutureShapers offers workshops and seminars that support organizations in developing more conscious leadership.

Connecting to the Mindful Leader Within, a three-day workshop

Great leadership begins with personal wisdom.

In today’s suprabusy, fast-paced, technology-driven world, organizational leaders require a new level of consciousness, commitment and courage to successfully navigate the complexity and chaos of these environments. This workshop equips leaders with wisdom and tools so they become more effective at meeting these challenges.

As a leader, do you…

  • show up every day well-equipped to flex to the constant fluctuations and challenges of your environment?
  • have room to be truly authentic?
  • make time during your day to think through the things that really matter

Each and every one of us possesses an inner wisdom which, when accessed, can take our leadership abilities to greater heights. This three-day, highly interactive, participant driven leadership workshop is designed to help provide organizational leaders with a framework, wisdom and tools to deeply examine areas of their inner wisdom to lead more effectively within their organizations.

This is not your typical workshop:

Day 1: Getting Things Done – Systems

A look at the systems that act as invisible influencers of the challenges encountered in your organization

Day 2: Leading More Consciously

An exploration of what it means to be a conscious leader in an organization and how increased consciousness can lead to more meaningful outcomes

Day 3: Leading with Commitment and Courage

An examination of why commitment and courage are critical to leading an organization to achieve a higher level of consciousness



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