What is a FutureShapers Roundtable?

A FutureShapers Roundtable is a facilitated executive development peer group. It is set in a secure and confidential environment wherein members support one another in maximizing their positive impact in their organizations and in the world. The first gathering consists of an all-day foundational retreat where members bond and develop extraordinary levels of trust in one another. Subsequently, members meet for half a day, monthly for one year to share challenges and uncertainties, solve problems, and brainstorm with co-committed leaders willing and ready to step forward in these most challenging times. Meetings are organized and guided by the group’s Host who also provides private coaching to members between meetings.

How do peer groups work?

Peer groups consist of organizational leaders in similar roles and with similar responsibilities who serve as “safe equals” to share challenges, concerns and ideas about work and life. Peers can provide insight and perspective without threatening a position, projects or relationships. The value of peer groups has been well-proven for hundreds of years, with people receiving confidential business advice and strategy counsel from one another. There are tens of thousands of such groups, offered by over a dozen providers, meeting regularly around the world.

How is the Futureshapers Roundtable different from other providers?

While the typical peer group deals with business and leadership challenges and strategies, they do not address what is often referred to as the “soft stuff” – the area of human endeavor that may show up as values collisions, social responsibility conflicts, ethical impasses, human and organizational dysfunctions and other challenges of modern organizational life. The FutureShapers Roundtable groups boldly engage these meaningful challenges.

What can I expect as a member of the Roundtable?

While there will be some initial benefits of peer support on the more tangible factors of leading and running organizations, the benefits expand to also include the more intangible as trust grows within the group and less frequently addressed issues are engaged with the help of one’s fellow members and peers. Relationships become richer and more interdependent as bonds are built and solid foundations for friendship are developed. Other benefits include:

  • More fulfilling work experiences for all;
  • More meaning and purpose in your personal and professional life;
  • Higher levels of satisfaction and productivity;
  • Greater organizational functionality; and
  • More sustainable business models.

For more benefits see “The Nine Promises

What is the time commitment?

Members meet for a full day for the foundational retreat, then four hours each month for 12 months. All meetings are organized by the group’s Host at a time and location as convenient as possible for all group members. Members are entitled to a one-hour private coaching session with the group’s Host between monthly meetings.

What is the Cost?

Cost for the Roundtable is $10,000 for the all-day retreat, monthly coaching sessions and 12 monthly meetings.

How many people will be in my group?

Roundtable groups typically consist of 10 to 12 members and a Host.

Who will be my peers?

Groups consist of leaders working in similar sized organizations with similar levels of responsibility that share an interest in exploring “conscious leadership” and are committed to “The FutureShapers Covenant”.

What is conscious leadership?

“Conscious Leadership” has been a subject about which one of the FutureShapers founders has been writing and speaking since the early 1990s. Some of the elements of Conscious Leadership are listed below as well as links to one of the founder’s articles and a speech at the Conscious Capitalism Conference in May 2011:

  • Inspires, evokes greatness
  • Trusts in self, others
  • Inner-directed
  • Continues to grow and learn
  • Adult, wiser and more mature
  • Authentic and genuine
  • Truth-telling prevails
  • Leads with presence
  • Possesses dominion, mastery
  • Serves those who follow