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FutureShapers Roundtable members become better leaders, make wiser choices and are more inspiring to their fellow workers, their families and their communities. The result is a superior level of functioning in all aspects of members’ lives.

A FutureShapers Roundtable is a facilitated executive development peer group. It is set in a secure and confidential environment wherein members support one another in maximizing their positive impact in their organizations and in the world. FutureShapers Roundtable peer groups consist of organizational leaders of various levels who are seeking self-transcendence so they will:

  • Become more passionate about their work
  • Become more fulfilled in what they are doing
  • Become more impactful in their organization and the world

Peer groups consist of organizational leaders in similar roles and with similar responsibilities who serve as “safe equals” to share challenges, concerns and ideas about work and life. Peers can provide insight and perspective without threatening a position, projects or relationships.

The first gathering consists of an all-day foundational retreat where members bond and develop extraordinary levels of trust in one another. Subsequently, members meet for half a day, monthly for one year to share challenges and uncertainties, solve problems, and brainstorm with co-committed leaders willing and ready to step forward in these most challenging times. Meetings are organized and guided by the group’s Host who also provides private coaching to members between meetings. Members commit to “The FutureShapers Covenant” as an indicator of their intention and degree of commitment and, in exchange, receive “The Nine Promises” from FutureShapers. “The FutureShapers Aspirations” serve as guidelines for the Roundtable sessions. Interested in knowing more?  Complete this Membership Inquiry Form below and you will be contacted.

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