As a senior leader in South Florida, you are likely well on your way to realizing your intentions but what’s next?  Who can you talk to outside of your organization about your leadership challenges? Where can go to experience deep conversations with peers who are experiencing similar challenges? How can you become a more conscious leader?

Future Shapers Roundtables is not your usual leadership development program. These leadership peer groups will enable you to become a more conscious leader and, more than that, will provide an opportunity to develop rich, interdependent, and long lasting relationships. These conversations and relationships will enable you and your organization to realize higher levels of performance based on purpose-driven aspirations that will deliver personal and financial success.

Conscious leadership is one of the four tenets of Conscious Capitalism. Paul Ward, your South Florida Roundtable Host, is an active advocate and member of the Conscious Capitalism Florida Chapter.   Paul is a Ph.D. in organization and management and brings international experience of facilitating high impact leadership events with senior leaders in large and small organizations. You can learn more about your South Florida Roundtable host on the Consciousness Coaching page.

You may have already participated in business focused peer groups but this is different. Future Shapers Roundtables focus on leadership. If you aspire to more conscious and authentic leadership and live in South Florida you are on the right page. We are currently forming new Future Shapers peer group Roundtables in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. Let’s begin the conversation.

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